About the studio . . .

Founded by Maria Trunk and Chuck Kooshian in 2017, Blue Tubes Studio is a New Mexico-based art practice that explores confrontations between American mass culture and the natural world. We use a variety of media to prod at embedded relations that are often overlooked, ignored or deliberately obscured. Our projects lie open to randomness and chance, always benefiting from unexpected incident and agency of the local environment, which we humbly acknowledge as active partner (not passive backdrop) in all our undertakings.

Untitled photo

and about the tubes . . .

 22 of them, 8 feet tall, 12 inches in diameter, each one sheathing the thermal mass of 75 gallons of water.

They are integral to the passive solar design of our home/studio.

Facing out to the south, they preside with a cool stateliness.

Untitled photo

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