Embedded Relations

A three-part series that invites viewers to consider the invisible networks of capital, labor, energy and resource extraction that link seemingly disparate scenes of American daily life.


Wind turbines capture energy in an anonymous grassland. Urban dwellers enjoy public amenities of their city. 3-channel video, 2022.


Household laundry is set out to dry in a sunny garden breeze, but the contents of shipping containers are hidden from view. It’s up to us to imagine what products or materials could be inside each box passing by, where they came from and where they’re going. 2-channel video, 2021.


Impounded waters of the Rio Grande rise and fall at Elephant Butte Reservoir in central New Mexico. Not far downstream, pecan trees in an irrigated grove respond to changes of the seasons: leafing out, flowering, growing, falling into dormancy. 2-channel video, 2022.

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